The best specialists, the best facilities, a vast range of fields and top-quality services: medical travel and prevention packages at the service of your well-being.

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Key words

All words are important, but some more than others. For Medendi, these are the key words, the concepts that guide us and inspire us to bring you the best, to safeguard your health and well-being.


Brought to you by an extensive network of partners, by top-level physicians and surgeons, and by the attention that we pay to your needs.


Because Medendi Medical Travel brings you the best solution, even if it’s the least accessible.


international specialists,
wide range of fields,
top-level facilities for every need.


A large part of “well-being” is the peace of mind you get from knowing that everything is under control. That’s why Medendi offers combined packages of prevention and tourism.


Age, gender and lifestyle can affect your future peace of mind in unexpected ways. In the same way that a journey starts long before you set off, Medendi brings you the best resources to safeguard both your current and future well-being.
Come and find out more about our prevention packages: the best way to combine health with relaxation. Innovative methodologies and boutique settings: the pleasure and peace of mind of knowing you have everything under control.


Whether your needs are orthopaedic or neurological, in many situations effective rehabilitation plays a vital role in functional and psychological recovery, in feeling your old self again, and getting back out into the world, thanks to a return to self-sufficiency and independence.
Come and discover the resources that Medendi puts at your disposal in this delicate, highly important phase.


Top specialists, excellent facilities, a highly skilled team, ancillary services and predictive medicine: the only thing you have to take care of is yourself. Medendi takes care of the rest. To find our more:

About us

Two founder-members and one associate partner make up Medendi’s core team, which works constantly to ensure that every solution is delivered to the highest standards.
Giorgio Pasetto - Medendi

Giorgio Pasetto

Executive Chairman


Riccardo Lanzarini

Chief Executive Officer


Riccardo Lanzarini - Medendi
Maurizio Scaltriti - Medendi

Maurizio Scaltriti

Scientific Advisor


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